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The intensity and frequency of disasters in the past few years has increase dramatically, from the numerous hurricanes & typhoons that affected many regions of the globe, earthquakes that devastated many communities killing thousands of people and causing economical losses in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Panama does not escape this reality, for this reason many national governmental agencies has elaborated sophisticated plans to respond in the event of a disaster.  However the new tendencies of disaster mitigation call for a more Pro-Active approach where the preparation and reaction of the community in the event of a disaster play a central role. P.D.M.I. (Panama Disaster Mitigation Initiative) following its north of preparing the community to confront disaster, has implemented the program M.I.A.D. (Massive Information against Disaster) which will inform the community in a permanent, easy and understandable way what to do in the event of a disaster.


1.      To inform the community in an easy to understand way what to and what is expected from them in the event of a disaster.

2.      Provide our sponsors an effective way to promote there products and services.


To reach the program objective three (3) methods of information dissemination is utilize, direct contact, contact by the utilization of conventional massive information media (television, radio, written publications):

a.       Direct Contact:

Is the process where PDMI workers distribute informative flyers, which contain recommendations to the community of whet they should in the event of a disaster, throughout different regions of Panama.  The regions that represent our initial focus of attention are divided in three.

     Urban areas.

     Semi rural areas.

     Rural areas.


Benefits to the sponsors of M.I.A.D. program direct contact:

1.      Our sponsors benefits as the community does by the increase of their knowledge on what is to be done in the event of a disaster situation as well by the increase of the community resilience ton disaster as a whole..

2.      There are tremendous benefit to our sponsors by the great amount of publicity that M.I.A.D. directs contact generates:

a.       As a sponsor the logo of your organization will be printed on the flyers together with the recommendation to prepare to resist disaster.

b.      The flyers are design to be kept by the recipient, since it contains precise recommendations on what to do in the event of a disaster.  As well information on where it is to be kept in order for it to be in the view of all members of the family. This will make our sponsors information be permanently place in the households.

c.       Each flyers dissemination campaign will be accompanied by notifications to the media. This will generate various interviews to directives of PDMI to which in the context will inform the public that the effort is possible thanks to our sponsors, and the name of your organization will be mentioned.

d.      This campaign will be implemented in different regions of Panama which will diversify the promotional force in benefit to our sponsors.

e.       Indirectly in the event of a disaster the survivors possibly will have the flyer in there hands, and will inform that is thanks to the recommendations on the flyer that they where able to save their lives, providing that way an invaluable source of promotion to our  sponsors.

Avoiding the spread of wild fires are a priority


  •                  Contact through conventional media. 

                                                              i.      Television 30 minute segment.

At this time PDMI directives are in negotiation for the establishment of a 30 min. segment on a national television station, which will inform the community the topic of disaster mitigation, risk management as well as precise recommendation on what to do in the event of a disaster.

a.       The program follows a format of information to the community of how to protect them selves from the effects of disasters.

b.      Analysis through invitation of experts on the topic of disaster mitigation.

c.       Field trips to regions that have been affected by disasters in the past, or have any relations to disasters.

                                                             ii.      PDMI Radio program

The PDMI radio program consist of  one hour radio program that will debate the issues of disaster mitigation and other topics that relates to the preparation of the community to resist the effects of disasters.

                                                            iii.      Editorial column in one of Panama news paper daily, where precise information is provided to the public on what to do in the event of a disaster.


Benefits to sponsors of MIAD (Massive Information Against Disaster) program. Conventional media.

Our sponsors benefit as well the community as resilience to disaster increase as a whole.

  1. Our sponsors benefit by the promotion of their products and services in the add spots of the program.
  2. Disaster is a subject that raises the passion of the community since it affects all. This will cause large audience to these programs.

Disasters affects avery one
It is the responsibility of all to be prepare

     Contact via Internet

Internet represents an effective way to inform the community how to prepare to resist disaster.  At this site you will find a variety of information that relates to disaster, how to protect them selves, information on up coming events, EXPO DISASTER 2006 and much more.  Several strategies are used to inform the community like our disaster bulletin that is delivered to more than 2,000 subscribers.


Benefits to our sponsors:

1.      Our sponsors benefits directly placing their logo on our web site, which guarantee that the visitor to our site will be aware of their product or service.

2.      Our sponsors also benefits by placing a LINK on our web site that will connect directly visitors to our sponsor’s web site.  This facilitates contact with customers.

3.      Sponsors benefits as well by the promotional efforts that PDMI directives do to enhance visits to their site.



Our school disaster fair program is design to be implemented in public and private schools in the areas, and provide students and faculty information on the subject of disaster in a very friendly and easy to understand way.  There are:

     A Power Point presentation that includes footage of actual disasters that will be analyzed and recommendations will be given on what to do in the event of disaster.

     A series of work shops will be establish to demonstrate different techniques of disaster preparation.


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